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Gottex swimwear: Luxury, prestige & elegance

Gottex is a world-renowned swimwear brand synonymous with luxury, sophistication, and timeless style. Founded in 1956 in Israel, Gottex has made a name for itself on the international stage thanks to its innovative designs and attention to detail. The brand is celebrated for its elegant creations that blend art and fashion, making Gottex swimsuits a preferred choice for women seeking a chic and refined look at the beach or pool.

Whether you’re in search of a bikinis or a one-piece swimsuit, Gottex has got you covered. Gottex's swimwear tops are available in a variety of styles, including the bralette and triangle. Each model is designed to enhance your silhouette. Gottex's swimwear bottoms, available in briefs and high-waisted panties, perfectly complete your look according to your preferences.

To perfect your summer look, Gottex also offers beach dresses, beach shorts, beach tunics and sarongs

Dive into the refined universe of Gottex and find the ideal swimwear that combines comfort and elegance to accompany you all summer long.