The best lingerie for a delightful Valentine’s Day

14 February 2024
Valentines day lingerie gift ideas

Gifting luxury lingerie on Valentine’s Day is no cliché. It’s an intimate gift that says a lot about how you feel about your partner. You want to send them a strong message: enhance their figure with irresistible, refined lingerie. Glamuse has identified 5 must-have themes for Valentine’s Day. Precious materials and details, symbolic colours, in-tune prints and highly desirable […]

Blue Monday: 50 shades of blue lingerie to boost your mood

12 January 2024
Blue monday by Glamuse

After all the festive celebrations, for many of us January is a complicated month in every way. Today is ‘Blue Monday’, but the Glamuse team decided to make it a great day! Let’s take a closer look at the colour blue: its history, symbolism and benefits, and of course the wealth of ways it can be used in lingerie. […]

Last-minute lingerie gift guide: tips and advice

20 December 2023
Lingerie gift ideas from Glamuse

Every woman has at least once secretly coveted a beautiful piece of lingerie without ever daring to offer it to herself. That’s why the ‘glamour & lace’ option might just be THE idea for a gift with a touch of finesse. Christmas, Valentine’s Day, birthdays, Mother’s Day… Any occasion is a good one, even if there are a […]

Lise Charmel: exceptional French expertise from craftsmanship to luxury

18 December 2023
Discover Lise Charmel the french luxury lingerie brand

Lise Charmel was born in the heart of Lyon’s silk industry in the 1950s, and is now one of the world’s leading names in luxury lingerie. A real signature brand that has developed unique expertise. Its leitmotif? The constant quest for the highest quality. Let’s take a closer look at this iconic lingerie house, which has raised the […]

Lise Charmel Déesse en Glam: top of glamour

6 December 2023
Déesse en Glam de Lise Charmel : une collection festive pour cette fin d'année

A benchmark of French luxury since the 1950s, the famous House of Lise Charmel delights lovers of fine lingerie with collections whose refinement and elegance never cease to amaze. At the end of 2022, the high-end specialists are launching Déesse en Glam (Glam Goddess), a breathtaking creation. Glamuse is showcasing this incredible festive collection, both spectacular and delicate, inspired by […]

Aubade 2024 Calendar… a true collector’s item for lingerie lovers

4 December 2023
Aubade collector calendar

For over half a century, Aubade has embodied the « French art of love ». Elegance and seduction punctuate the brand’s sublime collections throughout the seasons, with an unmissable annual event: the release of the new Aubade calendar. Glamuse takes a look at the success of a promotional and artistic gift that has become a cult item. 📸 Cover photo: Aubade « Queen […]

Christmas 2023: inspiring lingerie for outstanding gifts

29 November 2023
Lingerie gift ideas selected by Glamuse

The countdown is on: we’re only one month away from the long-awaited end-of-year festivities. They include catching up with loved ones, having a great time and, of course, spoiling them. Exceptional lingerie still has that famous magical power to blow your mind off. Anyone who is gifted a set of luxury lingerie or any other […]

New season’s lingerie star colours

28 September 2023

Looking for a sparkling look to welcome fall? Then forget about dull tones and grey skies and adopt a bright, intense palette. Good news, as the major fashion houses and lingerie designers show us all the colours with their dazzling new collections. For a hypnotic style that reboots our lives and our desires, we’re opting for powerful shades that flatter the figure […]

Back-to-school: our 5 lingerie must haves

8 September 2023
Our 5 back to school lingerie must haves

The summer season is slowly coming to an end. To get off to a flying start in September, and despite the summery weather of the last few days, it’s time to swap your swimsuit for some new pieces that will dress up your next outfits with style. It’s now time to take a look at the latest fashion hits… And lingerie is […]

Lingerie as outerwear: this season’s must-have trend

25 August 2023
Lingerie as outerwear is a hot trend this season

Lingerie as outerwear trend is on everyone’s lips. You can spot it almost everywhere, from catwalk shows to the stylish woman in the street. Of course, Glamuse loves the idea of celebrating lingerie worn on top. So what beautiful lingerie pieces should you pick to help you fall for this divine trend ? 📸On the […]